My Weekend workout (A Purposeful Plan)

On the weekend until End of April will be my leg preps. I working out all the muscle in my legs and butt. I need my foundation to strength. I'm using high reps and low weights. It been my major works Philosophy. I've built endurance using it plus definition. Now I'm attacking my weakness, Legs! The journey to bigger legs is very painful. A month ago I slaughtered my legs with my upper body work. I paid the price too. I could not walk or sleep for three days. I had to ice my legs because I woke up some muscle that were sleep. I'm ok now. I've changed my leg routine a bit to allow me to we recuperate. Now, I'm building muscle and strength. That why I Workout the legs on week days and upper parts on weekends. I'm happy with the results so far. I want to encourage all to know your body and do not be afraid to listen to it. Workout out has to be fun even when it does not look like or feel like it. The end result is that you feel confidence in living your life to the fullest knowing that God has a purpose plan out in you.

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